2018 - 3 Issue

Case report

Marshall and Stickler syndrome in one Family

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Authors present ocular findings in the patient send to Pediatric Ophthalmology department Childrens Univerity Hospital in Bratislava at the age of 3 years with congenital glaucoma on her right eye and high myopia bilateral. In family history short stature, myopia, facial dysmorfism and cataract occured. Mother of our patient suffered of myopia, her brother underwent surgery because of cataract, grand mother of the child, her sisters and grand-grand mother had myopia and surgery for cataract presumably in youth. In child, a poor cortical auditory evoked potential, septal defect and a bifid uvula was detected by neonatal screening. Based on general status of the child and family history, we suspected Marshall syndrome. With genetic test Stickler I syndrome with COL2A1 mutation was established (variant c.2710C ˃T (p.Arg904Cys,rs121912882)) Because of high intraocular pressure, non compensated by medicaments, the trabeculectomy on both eyes was perfomed. Patient now has good intraocular pressure with adjuvant medicamentose therapy. The retinal cryopexy in child is planned, because of lattice peripheral retinal degeneration and high myopia. Molecular genetic tests helped with diagnosis of Stickler 1 syndrome in a family with Marshall / Stickler 2 fenotype.