2022 - 6 Issue

Case report

Late Choroidal Neovascular Complications in a Patient Treated for Retinoblastoma. A Case Report

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Aim: Case report of choroidal neovascularization (CNV) detection in patient who was treated for bilateral retinoblastoma in early childhood.

Material and methods: Patient at 1.5 years of age treated for endophytic retinoblastoma stage 4 (according to the Reese-Ellsworth classification) bilaterally, with a positive mutation in the Rb1 gene. After undergoing bilateral retinal laser treatment and 6 cycles of systemic chemotherapy, the tumor remained inactive without other complications. At the age of 14, the boy developed visual impairment in his left eye with metamorphosis. Based on a local finding and other auxiliary examinations, he was diagnosed with CNV in the macular area at the interface of the tumor scar and the healthy retina of the left eye.

Results: After three applications of anti-VEGF (antibodies blocking vascular endothelial growth factor) substance intravitreally (bevacizumab 1.2 mg), there was a reduction in CNV and also an improvement in visual function.